Full Speed Ahead!

Zeta Fighters’s been downloadable for 8 days and it has been a hectic first week. We’ve got a very good start and the feedback has been positive and supportive. Game Analytics shows over 3 600 downloads (Thursday 10am) and intensive space battles are taking place in the Zeta Galaxy even as we speak. It feels 

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Three, Two, One… (Soft) Launch!

Tomorrow is the biggest day for Digital Hammer so far. Results of months and months of hard work will be released to the public as Zeta Fighters goes live in Finland. So is there any panic in the air? The answer is no. We are well prepared for the soft launch and preparations for launch 

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Lessons in Failures

So the Day for Failure happened in Helsinki earlier this week. Digital Hammer’s own co-founder and software developer Samir Hani was one of the speakers at the event.

Behind The Scenes – Aloha Edition!

Aloha! Summer is here and we are excited for many reasons. Our secret project is getting along nicely and we organized the first game testing events. The game is a real time multiplayer mobile game with some serious space battles and character development. And as you can see from the pictures, our team is growing. 

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Tools For Building A Better Software Development Team

Digital Hammer is a software company consisting of radical individuals. Each of us have their own ideas and ways of working. Therein lies our company’s biggest challenge and potential strength. We don’t employ mindless drones. We encourage proactivity. Hierarchy slows us down. We prefer small self-managing teams and extreme flatness. No free lunches exist and this 

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Decision making 101

From concept to execution When we started generating new game ideas in fall 2013 we decided that every co-founder is to come with at least one game concept. After hearing out and rating all the concepts we voted our favourites and chose one of them onto operating table. Next we had to assign roles for 

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Hello World

We are young entrepreneurs from Finland who decided to follow their dreams. We founded the mobile game company Digital Hammer. This blog is about the journey. An adventure of overcoming failures and challenges with style. We will open up some problems and challenges you may encounter in this industry. We will also talk about #TheGoodStuff. We 

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