Full Speed Ahead!

Zeta Fighters’s been downloadable for 8 days and it has been a hectic first week. We’ve got a very good start and the feedback has been positive and supportive. Game Analytics shows over 3 600 downloads (Thursday 10am) and intensive space battles are taking place in the Zeta Galaxy even as we speak.

Top-8 Brackets, Buza

Two top 8 brackets were played at our launchparty in Buza. In the end Nalzu managed to take the victory from matqu in Grand Finals.

It feels a bit weird to have so many players simultaneously online after our own smaller testing sessions with only 20 players. We have even held the very first Zeta Fighters tournament which turned out to be heated and emotional. Professional Zeta Fighters casters Samir and Valtteri made the tournament even better!

Gz Nalzu one more time and thanks to #TEHO #autostudiofi

Gz Nalzu one more time and thanks to #TEHO #autostudiofi


Digital Hammer took over Slush with determined team. During two long days we presented Zeta Fighters to many investors & publishers and to the public of course.

Afterparty hosted by Supercell was pretty rough because of the free alcohol. Luckily we were well prepared as always. Great people were met and after Slush 2014 we are even more confident of Zeta Fighters’ true potential.


Zeta Fighters demo booth at Slush

Zeta Fighters demo booth at Slush

Technical difficulties – worry not, we’ve got this!

Being transparent is important to us and we have openly informed players about all the known bugs on Zeta Fighters’ website. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve got so far. It has helped us to locate what exactly is broken and what we have to fix and change. Remember to keep us informed about all the bugs you manage to find via in-game feedback-system!

Connection issues are well known at this point. Our development team has already found the solution and they are working hard to implement it as soon as possible. Providing the best possible gameplay experience is our top priority.

Zeta Fighters rank is rising!

The rank is rising!

Want to help? Keep playing!

Real-time based mobile games are still a rare phenomenon in the global mobile world. Building and maintaining the critical player mass to keep the game alive takes a lot of effort and money. You playing our game is the best we can hope at the moment.