Lessons in Failures

So the Day for Failure happened in Helsinki earlier this week. Instead of success stories the #dayforfailure promoted entrepreneurship through tales of failures in the business world and ways to learn from them.

Among speakers was Digital Hammer’s own co-founder and software developer Samir Hani. Samir got a chance to tell the attendees about our first project Moto Matt and what the difficulties during its development and launch taught us in the long run. Those interested in the lessons we learned during Moto Matt’s development can read Samir’s complete presentation here.

Day_for_Failure_Digital_HammerFailure makes most people give up and stop trying. In case of our software developer Samir it just made him angry and more motivated.

In addition to sharing information and venting about our first failed project, Failure Day also provided a great opportunity to flex our muscles as speakers and to warm up for the serious pitching tasks ahead.

Next stop: Slush 2014!