Three, Two, One… (Soft) Launch!

Tomorrow is the biggest day for Digital Hammer so far. Results of months and months of hard work will be released to the public as Zeta Fighters goes live in Finland. So is there any panic in the air? The answer is no. We are well prepared for the soft launch and preparations for launch party are progressing nicely as well.

Launch next week? Well it’s time to change the game mechanics

Zeta Fighters has gone through many testing sessions and we are thankful for all the feedback we have got. We even made some dramatic changes to the game just before launch. In game development there’s always time for changes if your product doesn’t feel 100% right. That’s why we decided to remove all the upgrades from the game. Zeta Fighters is now even more balanced, “esportsy” and fair towards all players. Actually the game is just more awesome!

Crunch crunch crunch

Crunch crunch crunch

Party time excellent

Hype time! Restaurant Buza @ Helsinki will be conquered by us this Friday (the 14th). Big screens, games, few panels (some very interesting guests attending), energy drinks and snacks served in the best company makes it worth checking out. Challenge our programmers/Finnish pro gamers in Zeta Fighter to earn drink coupons. Not to forget drink & food discounts by Buza. Are you coming to party with us? Well if you ain’t you’re missing out!

Launch Party is approaching

Launch Party is coming

Shout Outs for our awesome sponsors!

Being indie company means running on low budget. Luckily we have got a few sponsors to help us out. Free server space, energy drinks and tournament prizes are a great boost for us. Most of the sponsor related items are something we are going to share with our players in events and as prizes starting with the launch party on the upcoming Friday!

With friends like these....

With friends like these….

What’s ahead?

After launch it’s time to start stalking all the numbers and analytics of the game. We are actively searching for investors and/or publisher to help us release Zeta Fighters globally. #slush14 is a perfect opportunity for us to seek investors who are interested in gaming industry. Slush takes place in Helsinki on November 18-19th and we have our own demo booth there. Be sure to high five our game team there if you happened to participate in Slush.
Keep cheering for us. Thank you for everything.