Tools For Building A Better Software Development Team

Digital Hammer is a software company consisting of radical individuals.
Each of us have their own ideas and ways of working. Therein lies our company’s biggest challenge and potential strength. We don’t employ mindless drones. We encourage proactivity. Hierarchy slows us down. We prefer small self-managing teams and extreme flatness. No free lunches exist and this model introduces its own set of challenges. The biggest challenge is communication. Get that right and you can concentrate on building the awesomeness you care about. Fail and it’s game over.

The software we build are mobile games. It’s built with programming tools by people. On our scale pure software decisions are easy to get right. The people part not so much. That’s why the tools for enhancing teamwork and communication are the most important for us.


Git is great for >= 1 people working on code. It allows us to create, break and mutilate code fast and independently. It takes me less than 30 seconds to create a new project repository with access rights.

The right people see who is working on what and how on the micro-level.


We use Trello for managing the implementation of tasks. We see who is working on a task. What the status is. Deadlines.

It gives us a macro-level understanding of the software we build. What we’re doing and where we’re going.

Google Services


We don’t use email for intracompany communication. It works wonderfully.


Important dates and times.


Store all the boring files.


We started with Skype for communication because everyone @DigitalHammerOy used it. It always felt a dollar short. Bearable for video chats but nothing else. Last week we did the transition to Slack. It was easy. It became the centerpiece that ties the rest of our teamwork and communication tools together. We integrated Trello in less than a minute. Soon after we started receiving tasks to their respective Slack #channels.

We have separate channels for each project where we discuss work. The aim of the discussion is to solve problems and to figure out what to do next. Usually these discussions lead to actions on Trello.

Slack allows you to share and store code snippets. Search is great. We fucking love it.

This is where we plan. The brain. The overview of the operation.

Only A Start

This is only a Start. Each of these tools are essential for our operation. Take one away and we stop functioning properly.

We’re not finished and probably never will be. The quest for better teamwork is a never ending story. The steps we’ve taken feel right and are objectively better than what we had before. We’re not yet where we want to be but we are confident about the direction we’ve taken.


All of these tools are beautiful and I wish their teams all the best. You are the good stuff on the internet. Thank you for helping us build awesome shit.

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